Car Accessories &Modding: Here’s How To Make Driving Smart

For some, the car is a bit like their home, so here is the race for car accessories. The car inside must reflect the way of being, host the essential but also the most comfortable, to face long journeys and transfers. Automobile modding, at least once, was all about the external or internal hardware, ailerons, handlebar covers, floor mats, and dubious upholstery. Today, however, thanks to the numerous technological objects, we can customize the experience, also following the hi-tech trends.

Quality audio in the car, the best stereo receivers

For example, wireless and Bluetooth receivers to amplify the range of the connection with the mobile phone, or simply enable it where it is not weighted. But also gadgets to never lose the keys, cleaning, and gait control tools. The USB sockets are a must to recharge your devices in fast mode, as well as the quick-start kit, necessary if the battery leaves us on foot.

Nextbase 612GW Dash Cam

By recording in 4K quality, this smart dash cam allows you to easily record and transfer footage from your device to your phone or home PC. It uses a magnetic pad to attach itself to the dashboard and tracks GPS and speed to ensure everything is verifiable in the event of an accident.

Tile Mate

This handy gadget connects to the keys, and once this is done, an app is used on the phone to notice where they were last left. Thanks to the connection with the smartphone, the position of the Tile Mate is saved on a map. So, either they are right there where the app says or elsewhere, may be stolen, you never know.

USB charger

The Divi USB charger is one of the most compacts on the market, with a slim design, which sits almost flush with the edge of the socket. And not only that: it will allow you to simultaneously charge two devices at maximum speed with 2.4A in each USB port.

The aluminum case feels more premium than the plastic options out there, and the scratch-resistant technology always makes it look like new. The Divi charger has a number of safety guarantees and comes with a manufacturer’s validity of 12 months.

Bluetooth Receiver

Not all in-car audio systems have Bluetooth. How to do? You can add it with an accessory like Firefly, the smallest music receiver in the world. Firefly allows you to stream music from your smartphone to any device with an AUX input.

Just plug it into your audio system and a USB power source and pair it with your smartphone. Once this is done, the Firefly will remember your device and automatically connect whenever you are nearby.

Arteck Car Jump Starter 8000mAh

If the car in your possession is a bit old and suffers from battery problems, well, maybe it would be appropriate to have it checked but, just in case, also to take Arteck with you. This handy little device will give your vehicle energy equal to a full charge via the integrated cables and clamps.

Wireless Transmitter

As in the case of the Firefly, if the car stereo does not have Bluetooth, you can opt for an accessory that makes it smarter than it is. It has echo cancellation and noise suppression to perform a wide range of functions.